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Do hemorrhoids itch? Yes! For people who develop hemorrhoids, anus itching is one of the most annoying problems and often outbreaks during the night. External hemorrhoids sufferers experience this symptom more than those with internal hemorrhoids. Sometimes, even scratching or ordinary skin ointment could not ease the discomfort.

Why Do Hemorrhoids Itch So Badly?

The basic causation is skin inflammation. External hemorrhoids, especially thrombosis external hemorrhoids usually developed bumps, which rub against surrounding skin and cause inflammation. If an area of skin is inflamed, this part of body tissues will become congested and swollen, the white blood cell count rises in order to counteract bacteria. As a result, a special substance called histamine is produced, which makes us feel itchy and irritated.

Itching hemorrhoids can be really annoying.

Furthermore, as the existence of hemorrhoids (large external hemorrhoids in particular), it’s more difficult to wipe up completely after bowel movements, which may be traced to infection and inflammation, and finally bring in the unbearable itch.

However, the reason for the internal itching hemorrhoids is somewhat different. After internal hemorrhoids developed, the rectum produces more secretions in order to alleviate the irritation caused by hemorrhoids. The excess secretion will flow out of the anus, which will make the skin moist and bring dermatitis and eczema in the long term, thus cause itch.

Besides above, there are several other reasons that can cause itching, such as eating spicy food, irrelevant method of wiping, wearing tight pants, sitting for a long period of time, and being nervous.

Itching Hemorrhoids can’t be underestimated

When the itch outbreaks, many sufferers intend to scratch the skin around the anus (offending area) fierily, or treat hemorrhoids with hot water. These methods may have some effect temporarily, but in the long term, it will make the skin more fragility and more vulnerable to inflammation. It even makes the hemorrhoids bleed and brings more itches and pain in return. What a vicious circle!

Generally, the main harmfulness  of hemorrhoids itching is as follows:

1. Chronic hemorrhoids itching may lead to anus skin canker and scab that can’t be healed for a long time. It may make the skin thicken and cause continuous inflammation.

2. Itchy hemorrhoids may lead to poor sleep quality, a severe attack of hemorrhoids itching can strongly affect emotion and bring troubles in life. If this happens for a long time, it may lead to neurasthenic.

3. Inflammation and infection came with itchy hemorrhoids can easily spread to the reproductive system and urinary system. As a result, female suffers should pay more attention to the situation.

How to deal with hemorrhoids itching

Hemorrhoids itching is terrible. Fortunately, there are indeed some methods that can save people from it:

  • Keep a good hygiene habit is important, try washing the skin around the anus with warm water every day.
  • Wear loose pants to reduce the friction with underwear.
  • Keep the area dry and clean.
  • Have a good bowel habit and wipe the anus correctly and gently.
  • Avoid any spicy foods.

If the itching symptom doesn’t alleviate or even go worsen, we suggest you choose a systemic treatment for hemorrhoids to eliminate the bother permanently. There are now many products and remedies on the market, but quite a number of them don’t have the effect we expect and some even make hemorrhoids deteriorate. We have reviewed these remedies carefully and choose several systems that are able to alleviate hemorrhoid symptoms quickly, here we strongly recommended Hemorrhoids No More, which have helped thousands of people around the world get rid of hemorrhoids itch and other problems. .

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