Character animation made easy how to create 3d models

Character animation made easy

The Character Animator

Character animation is simply the process of bringing to life the most vivid, various and colorful characters in a 2D or 3D environment. These animated characters have to conform to the laws of physics and other natural laws if the animator wants to produce quality work. Also, The animation has to have a smooth flow to its movements, for e.g. its walking should mimic the walking pattern of a biped, quadruped, a bug, arachnid, centipede, depending on how many limbs it has.The character animator is a journeyman, accumulating experience and expertise over the courses of a career and a lifetime.

It is also important to understand the art of storytelling. Your animation quality could be great but a poor story structure will not do justice to your hard work. Story telling skills and how to maintain continuity can be learned by exposure to books on acting / scripting / story writing. Although u do not need to study these subjects in depth, u certainly need to have an idea of the basics to make a successful animation.

The duties of a character animator are as varied as the characters they create. Your duties in any project will go beyond your job description as you will be expected to multitask on several occasions.One of the key things to keep in mind and will always be on your mind when working on any project is the deadline. You have to work in a quick yet deliberate way to meet the deadline of any given project. This of course will need tons of practice with several different programs to become efficient.

So what does it take to be a character animator?

Animation veterans will tell you that you need a formal education in the field. A course that dwells into sculpting / figure drawing / art history / painting etc along with traditional animation. These are grass root skills that you need to possess to create professional projects.

So what if you could animate like a professional in under 2 hours? and why would you want to?

1> College project – With the advancement of animation almost any subject in the known universe can benefit from the wonders of animation. For e.g: You could show the workings or the heart with intricate details, or the movement of certain joints in a mechanical project.

2> Adding to your portfolio – You can make your portfolio stand out from the rest by adding professional looking animations to it. The employer would certainly be curious how you achieved the same quality as the big shots of animation i.e Pixar etc.

3> Saving time – You could save hundreds of hours that you would otherwise spend using slow outdated programs on multiple platforms.

4> Designers – In fields like Product / industrial / lighting design and architecture people need to produce high quality 3d renderings.While these designers have the mechanic knowledge of 3dmax or other similar software, they seldom achieve the quality of a professional animations 3d rendering

So how would you go about creating a professional looking animation/3d rendering in less than 2 hours. Its simple. By using the most popular 3D software out there.Check Bio for more details.

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