Achieving Old World Elegance with Tapestry Pillows

There’s nothing better than drifting off to sleep with a soft pillow under your head, as your lulled to dreamland by the sounds of the night. A good night’s sleep is necessary for man to feel ready and energized for the next day. Pillows offer their users great comfort and excellent head and body support. Today, pillows are no longer viewed as being simply functional. Decorative pillows show that the ordinary pillow can also serve a great aesthetic purpose as well.

Decorative pillows are very popular when it comes to home decorating. These decorative pillows are not only highly functional but also extremely attractive. The right design of a decorative pillow, whether it’s the pillow you use for your bed or it’s simply a throw pillow, can easily liven up any room.

Some of the finest decorative pillows consist of finely woven tapestry pillows. Tapestry-making is an old art form that has been mastered by man centuries ago.

In the Middle Ages, tapestries were primarily used as wall hangings, and were created through a painstakingly accurate process of weaving colored weft threads and warp threads together using a vertical loom. The most intricately designed tapestries were often created by weaving warp threads very closely together.

Today, tapestries are not only used for wall hangings. Mass production of tapestry fabrics allow people to use the fabric for upholstery, window accessories and of course, tapestry pillow sets. You can find many different designs of tapestry pillows on the market. Some tapestry pillows can be very subdued with recurring prints on the tapestry fabric. While others follow a specific theme or presents a single image, and is created to fit specific pillow sizes.

You can even get reproductions of famous tapestries like series of “the Lady and the Unicorn” tapestries as a set. Find a tapestry pillow with a backing of cotton-velvet for added elegance.

You can purchase tapestry pillows in various furniture shops and department stores. If you want a specific design, then you can also proceed to a fabric store to find tapestry fabrics, and create your own tapestry pillows yourself. For unique tapestry pillow designs, you can look online at the collection of floral tapestry pillows and famous tapestry reproductions created by modern day tapestry-makers.

Enjoy the old world elegance brought to you by your gloriously posh tapestry pillow set.

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