Character animation made easy how to create 3d models

Character animation made easy

The Character Animator

Character animation is simply the process of bringing to life the most vivid, various and colorful characters in a 2D or 3D environment. These animated characters have to conform to the laws of physics and other natural laws if the animator wants to produce quality work. Also, The animation has to have a smooth flow to its movements, for e.g. its walking should mimic the walking pattern of a biped, quadruped, a bug, arachnid, centipede, depending on how many limbs it has.The character animator is a journeyman, accumulating experience and expertise over the courses of a career and a lifetime.

It is also important to understand the art of storytelling. Your animation quality could be great but a poor story structure will not do justice to your hard work. Story telling skills and how to maintain continuity can be learned by exposure to books on acting / scripting / story writing. Although u do not need to study these subjects in depth, u certainly need to have an idea of the basics to make a successful animation.

The duties of a character animator are as varied as the characters they create. Your duties in any project will go beyond your job description as you will be expected to multitask on several occasions.One of the key things to keep in mind and will always be on your mind when working on any project is the deadline. You have to work in a quick yet deliberate way to meet the deadline of any given project. This of course will need tons of practice with several different programs to become efficient.

So what does it take to be a character animator?

Animation veterans will tell you that you need a formal education in the field. A course that dwells into sculpting / figure drawing / art history / painting etc along with traditional animation. These are grass root skills that you need to possess to create professional projects.

So what if you could animate like a professional in under 2 hours? and why would you want to?

1> College project – With the advancement of animation almost any subject in the known universe can benefit from the wonders of animation. For e.g: You could show the workings or the heart with intricate details, or the movement of certain joints in a mechanical project.

2> Adding to your portfolio – You can make your portfolio stand out from the rest by adding professional looking animations to it. The employer would certainly be curious how you achieved the same quality as the big shots of animation i.e Pixar etc.

3> Saving time – You could save hundreds of hours that you would otherwise spend using slow outdated programs on multiple platforms.

4> Designers – In fields like Product / industrial / lighting design and architecture people need to produce high quality 3d renderings.While these designers have the mechanic knowledge of 3dmax or other similar software, they seldom achieve the quality of a professional animations 3d rendering

So how would you go about creating a professional looking animation/3d rendering in less than 2 hours. Its simple. By using the most popular 3D software out there.Check Bio for more details.

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Breast Reduction

It has become the fifth most popular type of cosmetic surgery procedure performed in the United States, but most women who choose breast reduction aren’t getting the procedure simply for external or beauty reasons.

They are undergoing breast reduction due to the fact that their larger breasts causes pain in their back, shoulders and neck.  A 17-year old tennis professional from Romania, Simona Halep has just had a breast reduction procedure this year because her 34DD size breasts hindered her performance on the court.  It does not only affect active women, there is a fundamental limitation of the activities any women can do.  All one needs to do is lug around two five-pound weights around your neck and attempt to do the daily tasks you normally do, and feel how uncomfortable it is.

Moreover, constant build up of rashes occurs. About 75 percent of women who undergo breast reduction range in age from 19 to 50 years old according to the “American Society for Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery”.  It is not just the pain in the upper back and shoulders, enlarged breasts (also known as macromastia) do restrict ones physical activity. Recently, due to medical breakthroughs, the latest methods leave behind significantly smaller incisions and less noticeable scars.  In the old days, the incision during breast reduction surgery made an anchor-shaped scar that was obvious beneath their clothing.

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Losing unwanted weight is just the first step toward finally achieving the body that you want. Once the excess fat is gone and you achieve your ideal size, you may still be left with loose skin or tissue. Body Contouring can add the finishing touch to your new body.

After significant weight loss, many people find their skin lacks the elasticity to tighten back up, leaving portions of hanging skin or tissue around the abdomen, arms and breasts. There are several different body contouring procedures offered by plastic surgeons which can help address these problem areas and improve contour, providing for a smoother more proportional shape.

The procedure(s) required vary from patient to patient. One or more of the following procedures are often used for body contouring depending on the patient’s specific goals.

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

The majority of fat tends to accumulate near the abdomen and when lost, the leftover skin can often lack the elasticity to tighten up on its own. Since this is an issue with loose skin or tissue, it cannot be solved through diet or exercise. Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)provides an answer to this problem by tightening skin and re-supporting the abdominal muscles.

Torsoplasty (Body Lift)

Sometimes with weight loss, there is buttock and lateral thigh laxity in addition to excess skin at the abdomen. Torsoplasty or body lift will remove this excess tissue.

Breast Lift and Male Breast Reduction

The breasts are another common problem area after major weight loss. Women may experience some sagging in their breasts after losing a large amount of weight. The breast lift is commonly performed procedure designed to return the breasts to a more youthful position. Loss of volume in the breasts can also be associated with weight loss and breastaugmentation may be performed with the breast lift.

Many men also face issues with the appearance of their chest.  Excess fat or tissue may linger in the breasts resulting in a condition known as gynecomastia. Male breastreduction works to firm and flatten the chest to the pectoral contours.

While body contouring issues are common following weight loss surgery, they do not need to discourage you from achieving your goals. One or more procedures can help provide the look you want.

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Discover Your Mattress Cover

Memory foam toppers are great investments for reducing the effects of snoring, back pain and even allergies. Because the topper is naturally resistant to dust mites and other allergens, it is recommended by doctors for allergy sufferers.  Great, so now that you have a comfortable bed, you should think about protecting your investment with a cover to protect your mattress from dust, stains, moisture, and dirt.  If you do have allergies, it is important to select a cover that also has antimicrobial, hypoallergenic qualities. They generally have a higher thread count which will assist in protection against allergens mentioned above.  Mattress protectors are available in a wide variety. To select the appropriate one, you need to determine your specific needs.

Pad Covers

If you are simply trying to protect the mattress from lightly soiling, then a cotton mattress pad cover will do the job. They are available in all of the standard sizes and conform to the bed with its stretchy knit elastic sides that help to keep the mattress pads from sliding.

Waterproof :

The waterproof mattress cover typically possesses a polyurethane layer that repels water. One should consider a water proof cover to protect from fluid spills that may occur in the natural use of the mattress. These types also possess the knit elastic sides in order to prevent sliding.


Vinyl Plastic mattress covers are not only waterproof but also protect from allergens. Typically, the plastic cover encases the mattress or memory foam topper and closes with a zipper. A frequent complaint of these types of covers is that the sheets often slide around on them and it produces an annoying noise while sleeping.  Because most plastic bedding covers typically do not have the elastic sides, they do not provide the snug fit of traditional cotton mattress bedding covers. Although they may not be the best solution for sleeping, plastics make great mattress covers for storage. They are also perfect mattress covers for moving purposes.

Allergy Proof Covers

For allergy sufferers, it is highly recommended that you cover your mattress and pillow with an allergy proof mattress cover and pillow cover. It is a well-known fact that allergy proof mattress covers can trap up to 99.95% of allergens from things such as dust mites, animal dander and pollen.  Hypoallergenic mattress covers are available in a variety of fabrics including cotton, cotton blend, microfiber and polyester. Prices of the hypoallergenic covers vary from approximately $15.00 for polypropylene to as much as $100 for the cotton styles, with organic cotton being a little higher priced, use casper coupon for purchase.

Dust Mite and Bed Bug Covers

The most common type of allergy today is dust mite allergies, affecting approximately 70% of allergy sufferers. The majority of dust mites in the home are found in the bed. Each night our bodies shed millions of dead skin cells, providing food for dust mites. The only way to separate us from this “breeding ground” is to provide a barrier, which is why allergists so often recommend dust mite mattress covers. It is recommended that, for the best barrier, the covers should be zippered. Fitted versions do not provide ample protection from the mites.

Recently it has been noted that bed bug infestations are at an all-time high in the United States. In fact, it has been estimated that one in twenty homes has a problem. Contrary to the old myths, bed bugs can occur anywhere, even in the cleanest of homes.

Bed bug covers for mattresses can provide an effective defense against bed bugs. The interior of mattresses and box springs provide a perfect hiding place for these critters. A bed bug cover for your mattress can help eliminate these hiding places and keep the bugs out of your bed. You might also want to consider purchasing a bed bug pillow cover for additional protection from the pests.

Futon Covers

Having gained popularity in the mid 1970′s, futons were one of the original sleeping surfaces of the Japanese in modern history.  Their main advantage is affordability; they have since become a mainstay for college and university students, apartment dwellers and many first time homeowners due to price point, versatility and space saving advantages.  Today the more modern futons have slick design and are being used as couches and accent pieces; their ability to become an extra bed provides an added bonus.  Futon mattress covers are available in an array of colors and materials. They are also available in print. Some materials that you may find in stock are micro suede, cotton, and upholstery-grade materials, among others.

Memory Foam Covers

Memory foam mattress covers or pads conform to the body much as the topper and offers support to areas of the body that a typical mattress pad or topper would not. As with the mattress, these covers are naturally hypoallergenic.
Also available are heated & down covers, unfortunately neither work particularly well with traditional beds.  To add some style to your bedding ensemble check in with grand home decoration for some great tips.   A down cover will allow extra comfort but counter the purpose of the memory foam topper.  Down covers are also beneficial for those who suffer from dust and mite allergies.

Additionally, the heated cover would activate the entire higher density memory foam mattress and possibly lose some of the effectiveness of its Visco elastic properties.  Since you do spend a third of your life sleeping it’s important to find the best mattress to suit your body type.  Testing memory foam, regular box spring and even water bed mattresses will help you make the best choice.   Everyone has different tastes so make your next mattress the one that suits you best.

If you live in a cold climate or get the chills in the middle of the night an electric mattress pad can be the perfect solution, it will slip right under your cover and provide you with the warmth you need to get you through those frigid winter nights.

A world of a million skilled professions Belligerati

In 2004, Smith and his colleagues Joe Wolfe and Elodie Joliveau at the University of New South Wales published a study in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America that revealed the physiological cause of the soprano problem for the first time. They sent an acoustic signal through the vocal tracts of nine sopranos and used a microphone to measure how the signal changed when the sopranos sang vowel sounds at various pitches. They found that when a soprano sings at high pitches, she adjusts her vocal tract to make her voice resonate. In effect, she “tunes” the resonance frequency of her vocal tract to match the frequency of the pitch at which she is singing. This vocal-tract tuning, which gives a soprano’s voice enough power to fill an opera house, is what makes certain words at high pitches difficult for the audience to understand. (It is joked by singers that Wagner’s character of Siegfried in Der Ring des Nibelungen ought to have been called Sahgfried, as his name is sometimes pronounced that way by sopranos looking to get the most volume out of their voices.) Jane Eaglen, a critically acclaimed soprano who has performed Wagner’s works in opera houses worldwide, explains that sopranos must try to find a balance between power and clarity. “It’s really about how you modify the vowels at the top of the voice so that the words are still understandable but so that you are also making the best sound that you can make,” she says.

Physicists investigate the grand artistic vision of one of the most influential artists of the last two centuries.

Just another example of the immortal lesson of the essay I, Pencil By Leonard E. Read, that the world is filled with particular skills and no one man can master them all. We depend immeasurably on the division of labor and trade in order to enjoy the immense wealth we do today.

Are we starting to win in Iraq?

Looking for education reform in all the wrong places

Home schooling, an outgrowth of informal rural education systems that have existed in the United States since its creation, is the education of children at home or perhaps by the community in an informal setting. While most students are educated in institutional settings like public (86%-87.5%) or parochial (11%-12%) schools, between 0.5% and 2% percent of the 2002–03 school-age population is home schooled. This is a 29 percent increase over the last 4 years and more than ten points faster growth than that of private and public schools.

Most of the education reform debate has focused on conversations between urban elites over charter schools versus voucher based systems. This discussion has missed that home schooling is the real force in school reform. Nationwide, charter schools enroll about 500,000 students. Private schools funded by vouchers educate even fewer students, a piddling 20,000 nationwide. But out of a school age population of 53 million, this is just a drop in the bucket. Meanwhile, home schooling is educating twice as many children. Depending on who you ask and when, between 850k and 1100k children are home schooled. Growing far faster than private schools which are expected to grow by a 7 percent over the next few years. Note that this is nothing to sneeze at either, and much faster than public schools are expected to grow. The system is failing these people either in the quality or substance of the education that their children are receiving, and as such they are expending tremendous resources to educate their children at their own expense of time and money.

Since states retain most of the control over education, federalism can offer a way out. Individual states should experiment with partial privatization of school systems, expanding voucher programs, and increasing charter school enrollment. But states should find ways to help parents and communities interested in home schooling be more effective. This could take any number of forms, from ending the marriage penalty (to allow more parents to do it), allowing tax deduction of education related expenses for home schoolers, or even making standardized testing free to all people in the state (so that charter students could use these tests to measure their academic skills against those of more conventional students. Ideology is important. To me, it seems rather wasteful for large numbers of families to devote so much resources to educating their children, when class size doesn’t seem to have a clear causal effect of education equality. Likewise, I assume that professional education in educating children makes for better teachers, so hordes of unskilled teachers probably wouldn’t be a net benefit for society. But, many families don’t feel the way that I do. If government has to expropriate money from us to redistribute it, it should at least be in a manner that is consistant with our revealed preferences.